British Equestrians end year on a High!

Team GB

British Equestrians enjoyed a successful 2013, the Show jumpers winning team Gold and the Dressage riders Team Bronze at the European Championships in Denmark.Charlotte Dujardin also won Individual Gold at these Championships and Show jumpers  Ben Maher and Scott Brash  took Individual  Silver and Bronze, together with their fantastic horses.Scott Brash won the Global Championship's Tour Grand Prix in Doha with Hello Sanctosand was crowned GCT overall Champion, and finished the … [Read more...]

Classical Dressage?

image of classical dressage

I'm sure that most  riders in all levels of Dressage are accustomed to hearing the words "Classical Dressage",  but I often wonder if everybody really understands the meaning.I've always been taught that classical dressage is something beautiful to do and to watch.  The harmony between horse and rider, with the intention of enhancing the natural gaits and movements of the horse. If we look at equines when they're free in their fields we see many things that can be recognized in a modern day … [Read more...]

Totilas – where are you?


Totilas is the name  that many dressage riders all over the world will recognize and I'm sure reflect on.A stunning black stallion that captivated the hearts of so many, and I'm sure he featured in lots of peoples' dreams.The combination of Edward Gal and Totilas looked like they were on top of the world and there to stay for many years to come, until the announcement on October 13th, 2010 that Totilas had been sold.His new rider was the young German rider Matthias Rath, and Totilas … [Read more...]

British Equestrians on Top of The World!

Charlotte Dujardin

In 2012, dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin with her wonderful horse Valegro won Team and Individual Gold at the London Olympics, and now in 2013 won Individual Gold medals in the grand Prix Special and the Freestyle, as well as team bronze, at The European Championships in Denmark.This wonderful combination with her accurate and harmonious display also added new records to the record books.Now, she tops the World Rankings, a position that she truly deserves.The British show jumpers … [Read more...]

Team GB on top at the European Championships!

Team GB

Over the last few days the European Championships Show Jumping and Dressage have been taking place in Denmark.Teams from all over Europe are participating and all with the hope of becoming  the Champions of Europe.Michael Whitaker, Ben Maher, William Funnell and Scott Brash made up the British team.The Show jumping started on Tuesday, and riders from 19 European countries participated.  This first competition was the start of a qualifying process and the horses and riders had to jump … [Read more...]

Nick Skelton and Big Star hope for a second chance!

Nick Skelton and Big Star

To many peoples' surprise, Nick Skelton and Big Star are not in the British team that have been chosen for The European Championships in Denmark  next month.Nick and Big Star were of course in the team that won gold at the London Olympics last year, and this fantastic stallion won the very prestigious Grand Prix at the Aachen Show a couple of weeks ago.The owners of Big Star, together with the British Equestrian Federation and of course Nick Skelton, have decided to spare him from the … [Read more...]