Salinero Farewell!

Anky and Salinero
Anky and Salinero

Anky van Grunsven will officially retire her amazing dressage horse Salinero at the International Show ´Indoor Brabant´, on Saturday March 16th,  in front of many of her own and Salinero’s fans.

I’m sure it will be a very emotional event for both Anky and her supporters, as Salinero has played a major role in the success of  the Dutch dressage team, and above all, for Anky herself.

He won and was placed in so many dressage classes at Grand Prix level,  including European and World Championships and Oylmpic games,  winning Gold in Athens and Hongkong, and at 18 years of age Salinero  partnered Anky in London at the 2012 Olympic Games, where the Dutch won team  Bronze.

I´m sure Salinero will enjoy a very happy retirement, which he truly deserves.

Farewell Salinero.



  1. eiko nefuji says

    I LOVE salinero
    I hope to sie salinero
    He is super hors。for ever

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